Thursday, March 31, 2016

Let's go to Lembang, Bandung


Holiday..... (^0^)
This time, I want to share about my holiday in Lembang, Bandung. I and my friend spent new year 2016 in Lembang. It has been long time since my last visit to Bandung in 2014. Nowdays, Lembang is most wanted place to visit for people near and around Jakarta. Because, now Lembang has many new chic, creative and thematic fun places to visit. And the good news is this places are not to far for each other, you can at once visit several fun places.  For more info about amusement place in lembang,  you can check this link Visit Lembang
Back to my holiday ~ ~ ~ Unfortunately, I only able to visit 2 places (Begonia Garden and Floating Market). Actually, we planned to visit Dusun Bambu, but the guest was so many and we have to wait in very long queue, so we canceled it, maybe next time we will come back again.

Begonia Garden
On Maribaya street you will find more than 2 amusement place, one of it is Begonia Garden
(Ps : Begonia is name of flower). This place is not too big, I think..But, everything inside this garden was interesting..and of course, many flowers...I loooveeee it <3..hahaahaa
 Bright day with colorful flowers 


Me on the stage..(lol..hahha)

Floating Market

Still on  area near Maribaya street, we visited Floating Market. This place served you with many kind of local foods and drinks. Which were interesting is the seller sell the foods and drinks on boat floating on the lake. This unique market, maybe it seems to be the miniature of floating market in Barito river, Banjarmasin. The main attraction is the market, but this place also gives another amusement places, such as : pine garden, traditional house, miniature of train, kids playing ground, etc.
Lake..look many fishes there!

The rock garden

Fruits on boat!

Europe architecture house


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