Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ragunan Zoo "The Old and Fantastic"


Wonderful Peacock ^0^

Zoo is not only fun place to visit for children, but it fits me so well...hahaha *lol
It was a pleasure to see how the animal life. How they play, how they interact with other family, what is their favorite food.

On the Independence Day of my country (Indonesia) at 17th August, I went to one of the most famous zoo in Jakarta..yep it is called Ragunan Zoo. The entry ticket was not expensive (about IDR 4000) , but now we have to use JakCard to enter Ragunan Zoo. JakCard is similar with e-ticket, we can use it for Jakarta public transportation also, we also able to top up when the balance in limit.

Ragunan zoo is quite large area, beside the animals, they also have beautiful garden, amusement park, cafetaria, mini train, primata schmutzer, etc. Primata Schmutzer, I think it's fantastic place that must to be visited.

This  Mr.Raccoon is very fat, too much eat..hey you!

Heyy bigy bigy Elephant

See giraffes, remembering me with Kwang So

Deers, is time for lunch..uuhh yeeah!

Primata Schmutzer is a place for primates, apes and the family of this animal. This building was built with very good and warm place for living. The sad things are some of area is not  maintained well and some primates looked lonely..haha lol...I think it's only my feeling.
The main gate of Primata Schmutzer

Mom is loving and caring


Hang in the tree

This Mr.Gorilla needs friend, or maybe girlfriend..
Please give one for him..hehe

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! Occasionally, bring your family, friend or even your boyfriend to have holiday in Zoo. 


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