Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How "Your Dream Wedding" looks like ?


Do you have plan to get married this year??
Or perhaps not yet, but maybe do you have your dream wedding?
What is it like?
Vintage wedding, rustic, traditional, or a fairy tale such as Disney's princess movie wedding?
That's sound amazing isn't it?

Every girls has a right to decide what their wedding ceremony be like. Because for me, "marry once in your life, with the right man". In my perspective, being married is a serious decision, so I will not mess around with this things. You have to thought carefully what is your purpose to get married. Because you married is not for yourself, but also your family. Marriage merges two family with very far different background and tradition. So, it is not a big deal, if you want special yet unforgettable wedding ceremony in your big day.

This year, I will start my new journey in life. This year will be many adventures and learning. I'm so excited but also worry, am I able to be a good partner or not? Of course, I also have my dream wedding. Honestly I love something close to nature and vintage. So, I decided to have my wedding party a rustic theme. However, I am Javanese, which is the customs very strongly attached in the life, so I will mix it as traditional and rustic wedding ceremony. What will it be like? hahaa..

I'm prefer looking for ideas or tips for my wedding theme in Pinterest or blog.  If, you like rustic wedding ceremony also, I have some inspiration for you. Check the link below :

    This blog is my favorite to get ideas for rustic or vintage wedding. There are many tips such as  wedding dress, bridesmaids style, photographer, venue, etc. To see the wedding style you can open  the "real wedding" section on the web.

    This is blog not only give you wedding ideas, but also provide vendor to help you preparing your wedding. It has a lot of vendors, so you can freely choose the wedding theme from traditional until modern.

    A platform for you to get many ideas such as DIY, style, home decor, until wedding inspiration. I love to scrolling my mouse in Pinterest, this platform just so amazing. You can get new knowledge and information as easy as you flip your hand..hahaa.  Here some wedding inspiration that I got from Pinterest.

Wish a great wedding ceremony dears, hope my writing gives you some help for preparing you wedding day.. (^_~). Thanks for reading my blog. See you ~ ~ ~


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