Monday, April 4, 2016



Up and is life…But why we need to worry? We can change our life and believe everything will be OK. God will help you, to make your life be better. The thing that you must to do is, effort, pray, and a little luck, for the rest just let God make it happen. In sha allah..nothing impossible, for Allah to make it happen.
So, never give to make your dream come true, to make your life a better place.
This is a little reminder for myself, maybe my dream is too big and very difficult to catch it. I have dream to get scholarship for study Master in Holland. Can I get it?

It is not easy to get scholarship, first of all, I have to reach minimum 6.5 score for IELTS. I’m on my way and still processing to reach that goal with target 7 score. I’m not sure from where I have to start it, it has been 3 years after my graduation and I am lost contact with my lecturer. Besides that, my experience in social working or something activity about contribution to my country is very lack. I’m lacking of knowledge. Motivation, hhhmm..this is the hardest part that I must undergo, it is very difficult to motivate our self to keep on track and discipline to reach the target.
God my Allah, please help me to through this. Please open my mind and my heart to do this, I’m really really want my dream come true..


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