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"Looking for fun on place near you"

Hi guys, already have plan to spend your weekend?
Wanna visit other city, but no that far and without traffic?
*It sounds just like an

Before the holy month of Ramadan I spent my weekend by visiting Cirebon city. Cirebon is located on West Java Province,  more to the north of Java island. It's about 4 hours by train from Jakarta. There are many alternatives transportation that you can use, if you want to visit Cirebon. You can go by bus, car, or train. But, I prefer you to go by train, if you only want to visit it in the weekend. The train ticket is not too expensive the rate is about 50k to 100k IDR for economic class. You can start on Friday night after office hours and arrive at Cirebon at midnight, so you have one day full on Saturday and half day on Sunday to explore Cirebon. You can go back to Jakarta by using afternoon or night train on Sunday.
Honestly, I didn't visit many places on Cirebon, because I attended my friend wedding on Saturday (about half day on Wedding So, I only visited two places in Cirebon, but they were quite attracting place that must be visited, when you are in Cirebon. Check this out!

  • Gua Sunyaragi (Sunyaragi Cave)
This cave is located in Kelurahan Sunyaragi, Kesambi, Cirebon. The name "Sunyaragi" was   came from words "Sunya" which means quite and "Ragi" which means soul. From the guide information, long time ago this cave was used for royal family meditation, especially for the king and his soldier to improve their power.
Gua Sunyaragi is devided into two part, "pesanggrahan" and "cave main building". Pesanggrahan was build just like home, complete with bedroom and praying room. The cave has underground that connecting tunnel and waterways. Gua Sunyaragi was build using coral stone and awan.
Oase in the side of the cave peaceful..perfect place for meditation... :)

Gua Sunyaragi has many small caves that have different names and purposes. They are , gua pengawal, gua mande kemasan, gua pandekemasang, gua langse, gua peteng, gua arga jumud, and etc.

  • Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon
Keraton is a palace where royal family or sultan and his family life. Keraton Kasepuhan is the biggest and most well preserved palace in Cirebon. Long time ago this palace was islam empire where the founder of Cirebon reign, this is where the central government of Cirebon Sultanate stands.
 Inside keraton you can see the main building as house of sultane, there are pedopo, bed room, family room, and the throne of the king. This keratin also has museum, such as : heirlooms and painting the king's collection.


My tired face, when have to travel with big backpack and other things...hahaha 

Transportation :
You can use local public transportation , minibus, becak, or ojek
But, if we use public transportation, it will take more time, because some places are far from the city. So, in this vacation, me and my friend used "Bhinneka", it is online taxi with low cost price. It so simple to use it, just go to "Play Store" then install the apps. Sign up the application then can directly use it. For further information chek this link.


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